"Wonderful" is the sixth song from Adam Lambert's earliest album, Take One, recorded before his participation on American Idol. It was written by Casey Jones, Chauncey Alexander Hollis, Christopher Brown, Larrance Dopson, Noel Fisher, and Rashad Muhammad.

Wonderful (Music Video) Edit

Adam Lambert - Wonderful

Adam Lambert - Wonderful

Wonderful (Lyrics) Edit

So it would appear I left my heart here And it would be fair to say I've been swept away So move in right along For you I wrote this song If I'm a fool So this fool will never be with you Oh yeah I know

For just when I thought that we could make it Realty strikes me down

For I don't want tomorrow Just give me some today I'll be on first train back home to yesterday Yesterday To yesterday

Leave me on the hell For 50 years Dancing there Leave me where you will I'm very well

You are Wonderful Oh yes you are

You are Wonderful Oh yes you are

You are the star Yes you are Yes you are You are the star

So keep well And travel safe

You are Wonderful