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Closer To You is a song by Adam Lambert.

The song features on Velvet: Side A, released in September 2019.

It is the sixth track on Adam's fourth studio album Velvet, released in 2020.

Writers: Adam Lambert, Rob McCurdy, Chris Petrosino, Asia Whiteacre
Producer: Noise Club

Closer To You


Adam Lambert - Closer To You (Official Audio)


Adam Lambert - Closer To You (Live Sessions)


Sorry it's late, I know I missed your call again
Been tryna change, got stuck in my ways again
I been feeling faded, disconnected lately
Missin' what money can't buy
All I wanna do is be brand new
I swear I'd give it all up just for you

And I would sink my house down underwater, ooh-ooh
I would trade all my gold for dirt
Let me tell you right now
I would walk through fire just to hold ya
Whatever gets me closer to you
Whatever gets me closer to you

Ah, ah-ah-ah
(Closer to you)
Ah, ah-ah-ah

Sick of the game
Never holdin' on to what I start
Hell of a shame
I almost got the life I want
Got no one to take to Paris, France
To understand the man I am
I feel like I'm runnin' out of time
Well, tell me why our stars just don't align

I would…